9th Conference of the IAVS / 9° Congreso de la AISV / 9e Congrès de l’AISV


Rhetoric of the visible. Strategies of the image between signification and communication
Retórica de lo visible. Estrategias de la imagen, entre la significación y la comunicación
Rhétorique du visible. Stratégies de l’image entre signification et communication

Venice, Italy, University IUAV, 13-16 April 2010
chairpersons: Paolo Fabbri and Tiziana Migliore (University IUAV)

Website of the conference :

Call for papers (English)  
Llamado a presentar trabajos (Español) 
Appel a communications (Français) 


Label of the CD with the publications
Artistic installations

Gallery of pictures from the conference:

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