3rd Conference of the IAVS / 3° Congreso de la AISV / 3e Congrès de l’AISV


Berkeley, California, USA, University of California at Berkeley, 12-18 June 1994

Included in the Fifth Conference of the International Association for Semiotic Studies:
“Semiotics Around the World: Synthesis in Diversity”

The Proceedings were edited in two volumes by Irmengard Rauch and Gerald F. Carr, and published by Mouton de Gruyter in 1997, as Nr. 126 within the series “Approaches to Semiotics”
ISBN 3-11-012223-5

Proceedings, vol. 2, with the papers on visual semiotics
Section VIII:

  • iass1994procJosé Luis Caivano: Color theory as a contribution to visual semiotics
  • Marie Carani: De Panofsky à Schapiro, et après
  • Geneviève Cornu: L’image inscrite: code, indece, schème
  • Rafael del Villar Muñoz: Le positionnement pluriel: le travail sur l’ambiguïté du texte
  • Lineide do Lago Salvador Mosca: Le signe journalistique et son esthétisation
  • Lucrecia Escudero Chauvel: Le Sida à la télévision française
  • Martine Joly: Image et indice
  • J. Lennon: Extending work in visual languages using Musli (a multi-sensory language interface)
  • Ellen McCracken: Toward a comparative text grammar of visual and verval semiosis
  • Luisa Peirano: A semiotic approach to Christina’s World of Andrew Wyeth
  • Ruth P. Rubenstein: Interpreting visual narratives
  • Alicia Rubio: The uses of photography
  • Gunnar Sandin and Lars-Henrik Ståhl: Kosmoletto
  • David Scott: Stamp semiotics: Reading ideological messages in philatelic signs
  • Göran Sonesson: The ecological foundation of iconicity
  • Susann Vihma: How is a design product a sign?

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