Semazon, the first international digital platform on semiotic publications


Semazon, the first international digital platform on semiotic publications and

Semazon is a social network like Facebook or, because it guarantees the open access to upload and download materials (texts, audio and video), through the window “Authors” you can see in the homesite, but the goal is the most fruitful debate, instead of the construction of personal profiles.

Semazon is an International Web Portal created by LISaV-ISLaV (International Semiotics Laboratory Venice) and by IAVS-AISV (International Association for Visual Semiotics) for sharing, spreading, reviewing and discussing semiotic publications and similia. An updated research observatory on semiotics, as a joint action platform designed to promote documentation and deepening of the publishing industry in this area. Semazon offers the state of the art of theoretical and analytical studies in semiotics. On Semazon you can personally upload extracts from books and journal issues; you can broadcast audio and/or video on presentations or lectures referred to; you can flag up and find the best retailers, libraries and online catalogues. The aim, within a fervent and fruitful dialogue between research groups, is a renewed interest in relevant readings, solicited through exchanges and critical reflections on the documents uploaded. With a suspense that makes you want the hard copy output.

The scientific nature of the project is provided by a network of Universities and Publishers, by a prestigious Board, which includes the directors of the best journals and book series in semiotics all over the world, and by a Steering Committee composed of young community leaders and formed to build a Portal that addresses the most important, current or critical topics and matters.

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