12th World Congress, International Association for Semiotic Studies

12th World Congress of the IASS/IAS, International Association for Semiotic Studies
”New Semiotics: between Tradition and Innovation”
16-20 September 2014, New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria
www.semio2014.org , info@semio2014.org


The objective of this Congress is the expansion and reinforcement of the semiotic web. The Congress will not only attract the leading figures in contemporary semiotics but will, with Sofia as host city, provide exceptionally favourable conditions for wide participation. These include a specially organized low fee, comfortable budget accommodation and excellent organization.

“Innovation” is not only a theme from the title but also informs the organization of the Congress. The Congress will be preceded by a broad discussion on social media so as to enable participants to select the most interesting topics and facilitators for scientific sessions and round tables. This will also provide an opportunity to highlight the profile of new semiotics – that which constantly occurs on separate sites but which today needs to be strengthened by common formulations and a common strategy, new tactics for the affirmation of this disciplinary field both in the new academic realities and outside the university, in the labour market and the market of research services. New semiotics is thus global, project-oriented, and focused on its contribution to human endeavour within the flexible boundaries of interdisciplinarity.

The main directions for discussion are:

Theoretical Semiotics
– Semiotic Epistemology
– Visual Semiotics
– Cognitive Semiotics
– Cultural Semiotics
– Textual Semiotics
– Biosemiotics
– Ecosemiotics
– Semiotics of Space

Applied Semiotics
– Semiotics of Law
– Semiotics of Education
– Semiotics of Translation
– Semiotics of Literature, Cinema, Theater, etc.
– Semiotics of Mass Media, New Media, Video Games and Internet
– Semiotics of Music
– Semiotics of Architecture
– Semiotics of Religion
– Marketing Semiotics (Brand Research, Advertising, Market Research, etc.)

– Urban Semiotics
– Fashion Semiotics
– Consumer Culture and Semiotics
– Social Media, Globalisation and Innovation

Semiotics in the Interdisciplinary Context
– Semiotics and Anthropology
– Semiotics and Linguistics
– Semiotics and Communication
– Ethics and Aesthetics from a Semiotic Perspective
– Semiotics and Philosophy
– Semiotics and the Self
– Semiotics and Complexity

National and Regional Semiotic Schools
Semiotics and its Masters (past and present)

For more information: www.semio2014.org ; info@semio2014.org

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